One response to “Extended Use of PC Can Lead to RSI”

  1. Great article although I think some of the modality explanations are a bit over generalized since many practitioners aren’t using the techniques and technologies of their predecessors. Feldenkrais especially can be thought of as a preventative way of organizing one self for optimal efficient movement. Although Feldenkrais helps you move your whole body and intention in more efficient ways that prevent wear and tear on the body, it is also used for specific treatment of localized “Effects” (like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) while the practitioner keeps it in the context the whole human dynamic system. You can immediately bring down inflammation, repair tissue trauma, and build a bodily environment that supports the healing of a painful area and integrates/re associates it back in into the entire body. It should be the first line of defense for chronic pain and acute injuries. Great for triaging wounded area – great for educating the system to operate with out damaging it self. By the way many Rolfers are operating along this ideology as well
    Curious what others think?
    Brad Beldner

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